About us

    Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology at Fudan University was established in 1989 for meeting the increasing requirements of professionals in archaeology, cultural heritage and museum management and has become one of the most influential institutions specialized in the education, training and scientific research of cultural heritage and museology in China. The curriculum covers a wide variety of topics such as archaeological method and theory, cultural relics analysis, museum studies, theory and management of cultural heritage, ancient garden and building, artwork market, preservation technique of archaeological remains and historical artifacts, anthropology and art history etc.


    The department has been playing a leading role using sophisticated analyses and modern techniques to improve the preservation of archaeological data and historical objects. As a heritage research institution, it has been conducting a number of important projects and has published many achievements and findings in professional journals and its own publication.


    The department is in charge of Fudan University Museum, which is open to teachers and students and to the public as well. The museum was established by the end of 1980s and possesses a collection of more than 2000 objects, including Chinese ancient porcelains, coins, bronze objects and paintings and calligraphy. In addition, a unique collection of native artifacts of Gaoshan aborigines in Taiwan contributed by Liu Xian, a late famous cultural anthropologist and professor of the Department of Biology at Fudan, is particularly precious due to their quality, quantity and rarity. Even in Taiwan, the items such as pearl vests are rarely seen. Therefore they are invaluable.




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